Edible Beauty

Have you ever thought about Nature’s beauty? Not just observed it, but really contemplated it? All that abundant, awesome beauty…Why? Why such effort? For what purpose? This crystallized for me last summer when we hiked to an immense waterfall on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is stunning enough to be alongside a great river […]

4 Ways to Manage Peri-Menopause with Food

Heard of perimenopausal rage? So many women have been asking me lately for help with this issue that when I saw this article from Kate Geagan, author of Go Green: Get Lean, I had to repost it. Her suggestions are not only helpful for Hot Mamas, they are important health habits for all. 4 Ways […]

The Institute of Feminine Wisdom is launched!

The Institute of Feminine Wisdom is a Service Organization responding to the call to foster wisdom, preserve our ancient healing arts, cultivate female spiritual leadership, and help ground the sacred feminine, that power of peace and nurturance especially needed in these times. We provide activities and experiences that grow self-esteem, compassionate service and sacred leadership in women and […]

The 2011 Sophia Conference

We invite you to the second annual Sophia Conference, a One Day Retreat for women, this year at the beautiful, nurturing, luscious Sacred Journey Studio surrounded by the rolling hills of Temecula ~ Our Conference Schedule 8:30-10          Registration 9-9:45             Yoga, Optional 10-11               I Am Sophia Workshop 11-11:30         Keynote […]