Jardin de la Vida

Member Post by Sally of Sweet Orange The La Maestra garden has been dubbed “Jardin de la Vida” or “Garden of Life” by the women who cultivate this urban plot.  On Sunday, August 23, the village gathered to get some herbs started at the already productive vegetable garden.  Sophia Sisters Irma, Laura, Nicole, Whitney and […]

Mother India – a Sophia Gift

Member post by Sally of Sweet Orange Through our combined seasonal dues and donations received at our annual Sophia Conference, we are blessed to be in a position to send support back to India, the source of Ayurveda, Yoga, and all that unites us in “Sophia.” We are so inspired by the Muthashi Project, and grateful to […]

Sophia Digs!

Oh what fun it was! Sally worked with Irma Timms of La Maestra to prepare the ground surrounding a beautiful old Arts and Crafts bungalow tucked in the middle of high rises in City Heights.  Best of all, she then wrote about it on her Home Sweet Orange Blog, where she has a photo of herself […]

Sophia Gift

Namaste! Wow. Our April lunch was so beautiful. It really showed what is possible when women join together in acknowledgement of the sacred feminine, the healing powers that run through us, and the divine embrace of love. Thank you so much for your part, for your beautiful, giving heart, and for your gift to Elena. […]