New Moon Circle


I am excited to invite you to our next Circle for 2013, again on the night of the new, or dark moon, a potent time for dreaming, seeding, intuiting and re-imagining. We will connect, share, chant, meditate, and cultivate the energies of the devis. Most of all, we will drop into the heart to be together in wisdom and compassion.

Spring Season New Moon  Circle

For Sophia Sisters:

April 10th
7-8:30pm, Coronado


Once you register I will send you the address,
or email me:

Space is limited to it is best to pre-register:


Our Summer Circle will be Sunday July 7th, 11am at the San Diego River in MIssion Trails Park. It has become an annual ritual to honor our local river.


The Autumn Circle folds into The Sophia Conference, which will be Sunday, December 8th, 8am-4pm on San Diego Bay.


One thought on “New Moon Circle

  1. Wow! The YouTube video add at the bottom of your page is a convincing way to light the fire of desire to attend this circle tonight!
    It’s so completely what we are striving to transform in our world!

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